Improved management standards - because we care

The Clinical Trials must be successfully delivered on time for patient benefit. The Clinical Trial Manager will ensure the processes are completed seamlessly and efficiently. A reliable trial management system with guidelines will make all the difference and produce a robust method of evaluation. The assigned personnel will have a leading role in planning and executing a project as well as to innovate and take on leadership when faced with challenges.

It is all in the details

ClinCore’s clinical trial managers will pay attention to the smallest of detail and make certain that everything is going according to the procedure. To ensure accurate execution of the clinical protocol, our managers will be sure to:


Acquire details of the clinical trial, patient population, specific inclusion and exclusion criteria, and lab work required throughout the testing


Monitor the generated data files for the patients tested on a weekly basis


Coordinate the collection and shipment of blood samples within the clinical site, and between the clinical site and labs testing the samples


Coordinate adverse events and deviations and inquiries required to close the clinical trial


Coordinate the final clinical report required for regulatory submission.


ClinCore may also assign a Client Manager and Clinical Site Manager to coordinate and document the events between the sponsor and clinical site. This is to ensure accurate execution of the clinical protocol, approved for the testing of the drug in that clinical phase, and to allow the regulatory submission at the end of the trial.


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